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The Association is registered as a company, the the prime object of promoting and advancing the interests of British Citizens in, or connected with, Cyprus, as well as to promote and strengthen cultural ties and friendly relations between British and Cypriot citizens. The Registered Office of the Association is in the Clubhouse at Chlorakas.

Among the advantages of membership of the Association are the opportunities afforded to make contacts and friends amongst the British Community, through an active and varied social programme, as well as the availability of informal advice on coping with the local official formalities and facilities such as tax, doctors and clinics, medical insurance etc. There is also a well-organised welfare service and the Association has an extensive library.

There are similar Associations in Limassol and Larnaca. Each Association has a Clubhouse with a range of social and other activities and visitors from other Associations are welcome (subject to numbers). Such Clubhouse events, activities and the overall running of the Clubhouses, including garden, are all done on a voluntary basis. Thus it is essential that all members offer whatever help they can.

Membership of the Association, as Ordinary Members, is open to persons resident in, or connected with, the Republic of Cyprus. There is also a Visitor Status for non-residents. Application forms for  Visitors are available from and will be processed by the Doorkeeper.

Please note that election to Membership will be taken as conclusive proof of assent to the Memorandum and Articles of Association and also to other Regulations, for the time being, of the Association, such as Clubhouse rules.

Our Association publishes a monthly Magazine for 10 months of the year which details the regular activities and social programme, as well as reporting on past events and including articles of general interest. The normal distribution of the Magazine is by collection from The Clubhouse after the 1st of the month, but where required the Magazine can be posted, on payment of postage costs, 10 for a full year (UK 23).

The Membership Secretary will process applications only :

At the club between 12.00am and 14.00pm on Tuesdays and Fridays

Fees per person are 

          Annual fee of 50.00 euro's

Temporary Membership

          2.50 euro's per week

Club Guests

          1.50 euro's per visit


          Now included in the main membership fee

You can pay either with a Cyprus Bank cheque (euro's only) or with cash

Angela Wesson



The Membership Form can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE